DP World targets 700 technology staff in India by mid-2023

DP World is continuing its rapid growth in India’s technology market, with the launch of its latest innovation centre in Gurugram, which will soon host 240 staff working on critical solutions for global supply chains. The new centre, around 17-km southwest of the Indira Gandhi International Airport, will house development teams who will work on DP World’s latest cutting-edge trade and logistics solutions to revolutionise how trade flows through every link of the global supply chain, creating stability, security, and profitability for cargo owners.

It is the latest commitment to technology by the global supply chain solutions provider, and a testament to India’s rapidly growing technology-focused talent pool. The opening follows the successful launch of new technology centres in Hyderabad and Bangalore earlier this year, capitalising on the growth opportunities in India.

“At DP World, we are focused on developing cutting-edge applications and solutions to solve real-world trade problems. Across the industries in which we operate in, trade is moving from analogue to embrace new digital solutions. Our teams will be able to build and trial new solutions – from conception to execution – helping to automate the flow of trade. We are investing heavily in end-to-end logistics, trade finance, e-commerce and market access, all for benefitting cargo owners. In addition, efficiencies can be achieved in supply chains by using IoT to run operations, digital twins to monitor activities and movement of cargo via alternate modes of transport using optimization techniques. These are just some examples of how technology is helping achieve DP World’s vision.”

Pradeep Desai, DP World’s Chief Technology Officer

DP World’s presence has grown rapidly to match its ambitions in the digital trade sphere. The company started with only 50 employees in India working on technology solutions at the beginning of 2021. This number has already grown to more than 450 with the opening of three centres this year. As this exponential growth continues, employee headcount is expected to reach as many as 700 by the middle of next year.

The country’s digital economy is set to reach USD 1 trillion by 2025, and its pool of technology professionals is growing rapidly. DP World will tap into this resource, nurturing the brightest minds in India by allowing them to co-create solutions from the ground up and owning the software development process from the beginning to the end. The engineers will grow while working on exciting technologies – such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate trade flows. 

DP World is leading the acceleration of this trend, helping drive efficiency and transparency. DP World’s global logistics solutions are opening up markets to traders, while financial solutions such as Trade Finance by DP World – an online platform – connect lenders with borrowers around the world who fund their trade ambitions.

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