DP World opens the gates to its Dubai Incubation Center for Indian companies


Emirati multinational logistics company DP World has offers 60% discount to Indian companies setting up operations in its Incubation Center in Dubai. The Center is a hub for Indian entrepreneurs looking for business collaboration with potential partners in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Central Asia.

“DP World has set up the India Business Incubation Centre two years ago for Indian exporters to serve as their gateway to the world market. We offer a 60 percent discount to Indian companies seeking to set up operations in this Incubation Centre.”

Amitesh Mishra, Manager, Business Development, DP World

The global distribution centre at Dubai is the third largest re-export hub after Hong Kong and Singapore and around 10% of the world trade passes through Dubai. The DP World Incubation Centre is located at Jebel Ali, the 11th largest port in the world, and home to the largest free zone in the Middle East with around 8,700 companies. Of these over 1,100 or 14% are Indian companies, Mishra said.

Moreover, there is no corporate tax for Indian companies setting up re-exporting units in India Business Incubation Centre. DP World is also planning to set up a 1,200 km railway line to connect all the GCC Countries, which will further enable Indian exporters to leverage the rail connectivity across GCC, that too duty-free.

“We are also developing quay-side agro processing and storage facilities to enable Indian agro-processing companies to bring their goods, process them and re-export to the world,” Mishra said, adding that exporters of other commodities also can set up re-export centres in Jebel Ali.

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