DHL’s Quirky Chronicles: A Year of Unusual Shipments


Manatees Take to the Skies!

In a heartwarming feat, DHL orchestrated a sky-high spectacle by flying three hefty manatees—Soleil, Calliope, and Piccolina—over 1,000 miles from Cincinnati to Orlando. Weighing in at 750 to 1,000 pounds, these sea giants lounged in custom-built containers, complete with 8-inch-thick foam beds and misting systems to keep them cozy and moist. Under the watchful eye of a dedicated veterinarian, DHL played a crucial role in their journey from tiny, orphaned calves in Florida to their upcoming return to the wild waters of the Sunshine State. ZooTampa is now ensuring their final stage of rehabilitation.

A Feathered Rescue Mission

In April 2023, DHL pulled off a last-minute avian rescue operation. A German man, stranded in Tunisia sans his apartment key, faced a dire situation: his pet bird urgently needed sustenance. Within a few hours, DHL soared to the rescue, swiftly transporting the key 1,200 miles from Tunis Airport to the Leipzig Hub. The key was located amidst a sea of shipments, and the man’s partner, armed with gratitude, retrieved it promptly. Thanks to DHL, no doors were broken, and the little bird lived to chirp another day.

Bobsleds on a Global Adventure

October 2023 saw DHL embark on a frosty escapade, delivering 21 bobsleds from Cologne to Yanqing, China. The 4-meter-long sledges, vital for the Bobsleigh World Cup, journeyed through Luxembourg and soared 5,000 miles to Beijing. With athletes in the groove until the last minute, DHL’s time-critical operation left no room for delays. Handling these precision sleds with the utmost care, DHL ensured a smooth ride for the athletes hurtling down the Olympic sliding track in Yanqing.

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