DHL Express anticipates historical peak season in 2020


Leading express-service provider DHL Express expects unprecedented online shopping and shipping volumes during the upcoming peak season of 2020.

With continued globalisation and the Covid-19 pandemic driving consumers to shop online like never before, especially during upcoming mega shopping days such as ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Singles Day’, DHL Express is expecting an all-time high in e-commerce trade around the globe.

Having already experienced around 35% e-commerce shipment volume growth in 2020, the upcoming peak season will further accelerate this and result in more than 50% higher shipment quantities compared to last year’s peak season.

“The pandemic has resulted in an exponential rise in online shopping. With most physical stores closed altogether during the lockdown, and those that are open hindering people’s ability to social distance, many consumers have switched to e-commerce. While our economy is opening up and people are cautiously venturing out, the online purchasing trend will continue this festive season”, said R.S Subramanian, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, DHL Express India.

“We are seeing a significant uptick in shipment volumes. It has been led both by the build up to global shopping days, and closer home, a similar momentum with Diwali around the corner. Globally. DHL is prepared for the peak in capacity across its network.”

~R.S Subramanian, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, DHL Express India

“In India, we are seeing our exporters and ecomm sellers experiencing an upswing as well. There is room for cautious optimism as the economy opens up and activities pick up further in the coming weeks”.

DHL Express has taken numerous precautionary measures for over 100,000 employees operating in more than 220 countries and territories, such as providing face masks and disinfectants, and implementing social distancing and remote working where suitable.

The company has also developed safe delivery procedures including removing the need for customers to sign for their shipments. These steps taken helped to secure business continuity for DHL, our customers and global trade.

Ramping up for higher volumes and an earlier peak season start

Due to the increased volume of shipments due to Covid-19, there has been an increase in online e-commerce shipment volumes by at least 35%. The company has ramped up its level of preparation for the same.

“In Asia Pacific, we are expecting this year’s peak season shipment volumes to be 30-40% larger than last year. While these are extraordinary numbers, our state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated aircraft fleet, and insanely customer centric employees are fully prepared to meet our customers’ requirements. DHL Express invests approximately EUR 1 billion annually to improve its infrastructure, network and people, so that we are prepared for these kinds of situations and to ensure that global trade continues even in the most challenging periods,” said Sean Wall, Executive Vice President, Network Operations & Aviation, DHL Express Asia Pacific.

To manage the demands of e-commerce shipping and also of highly important personal protective equipment and medical goods, a large number of additional cargo flights is necessary, as most commercial passenger aircraft are still on the ground. To counter this, DHL Express has increased the number of its daily flights significantly.

This year alone, the company has already commissioned four new wide body aircraft of the model B777 F in its operations, and two more units are expected in the next month. These six additional aircraft enable the company to carry out more than 3,000 additional intercontinental flights per year.

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