Delhi Cargo Service Center rolls out 24×7 Export AWB acceptance facility and e-CSD to ease Cargo Handling process

In order to enhance customer experience and facilitate the cargo handling process, Delhi Cargo Service Center(DCSC) launched a few key initiatives at an event held on 20th February at DCSC International Cargo Terminal. Members of Customs Brokers Association and other users were invited and various initiatives were explained to them.

Simplified Documents Handover Process

In the new process, users can now handover the Air Waybill and other documents related to a shipment at document acceptance counters any time after weight volume check and need not wait till screening is completed.

In the earlier process the users had to wait till the screening was completed and this would mean users not being able to attend to other tasks they would have at hand. The Let Export Order from Customs has been electronically integrated with DCSC systems and the users need not bring the LEO in physical form.

In the event screening of cargo requires a user to furnish more information, such user will be called to provide the information. This change in process will save a significant amount of users’ time and will bring about ease of doing business.      

For the purpose of screening, the users will now be required to provide Cargo Security Declaration (CSD) at cargo counter at the time of weight volume check.

Earlier trial runs of the changed processes were run for few weeks. DCSC got a favourable and encouraging response to the new and simplified process. During the formal launch, which was attended by a large number of users, DCSC received a lot of appreciation from the users for simplifying the process and thus saving precious time of users.

Transmission of e-CSD: Walk towards Digitalisation

Another initiative towards digitization by DCSC that has been successfully implemented is transmission of e-CSD (electronic transmission of Cargo Security Declaration) message to the Airlines. This initiative has eliminated  the paper work and reduced handling time and improved the efficiency of cargo handling.

DCSC also informed that it will be mandatory to feed dimensions at the time of executing the online Terminal Challan  for export shipments. This has been with a view to further expedite the cargo acceptance process at the truck dock and thus reduce the waiting time of the users at the truck dock.  

DCSC constantly endeavours to simplify its processes to bring about an ease in doing business and also make it a pleasant experience for users who avail of DCSC services.

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