CSMIA embraces the Diwali spirit with 2,500 MT cargo EXIM this festive season

csmia diwali

Amidst the joyous celebrations of Diwali, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) announced a remarkable surge of 2,500 MT in cargo shipments processed from the airport during the festive season of 2023. Notably, the e-commerce sector registered a substantial surge, marking an impressive 87% year-on-year increase. A substantial 64% movement in outbound domestic cargo and a 36% movement in inbound domestic cargo was reported, reflecting the robust e-commerce sector. 

This surge not only reflects a notable shift in consumer behavior but also underscores a rapidly growing trend. Consumers are actively indulging in the increasing popularity of online shopping especially during festive occasions. With increased time, efficiency, and convenience for festival shopping and gifting, this trend has directly contributed to the significant rise in cargo specifically within the e-commerce category at CSMIA.

Apart from that, the gifts & samples category recorded a commendable 36% year-on-year increase, accompanied by a significant rise in the demand for perishable items such as flowers and sweets, emphasizing the growing significance of the gifting culture during Diwali. 

In terms of international and domestic cargo volumes, the overall surge distribution leaned slightly towards domestic shipments, accounting for a noteworthy 56%, while international cargo accounted for the remaining 44%. London emerged as the top international destination to receive maximum cargo shipments originating from CSMIA, while domestically, Delhi emerged as the top destination, followed by other prominent destinations such as Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. 

Leading in the domestic sector, both IndiGo and Quickjet Airlines efficiently managed the increased cargo flow at CSMIA. Meanwhile, British Airways and Air India played crucial roles in handling the surge in international cargo shipments from the airport. 

To ensure the smooth and timely processing of cargo operations during the Diwali season, CSMIA implemented strategic measures like meticulous planning and coordination of operations with agents and airlines for e-commerce consignments. This involved optimizing existing infrastructure, and strategically utilizing non-peak hours, with additional resources as needed. 

The notable surge in cargo shipments at CSMIA serves as a testament to the airport’s remarkable capacity to meet increased demands, particularly during festive seasons. As we move forward, CSMIA remains dedicated to ensuring that the cargo operations are handled in the most efficient and timely manner possible, thereby ensuring that valuable goods are delivered to recipients with utmost care.

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