CSMIA achieves milestone in frozen food cargo transport


Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has reached a significant milestone in efficiently managing its inaugural shipment of frozen ready-to-serve food products. This noteworthy achievement underscores CSMIA’s commitment to expanding its services and embracing diverse product segments.

On November 9, 2023, CSMIA successfully coordinated the seamless transportation of highly perishable South Indian delicacies, including Idli and Vada, from Mumbai to Amsterdam via KLM Flight 878. This remarkable accomplishment exemplifies CSMIA’s capabilities and dedication, highlighting its efficiency in handling delicate, perishable cargo and reinforcing its standing in the industry.

Ensuring the secure and effective transportation of perishable food items, especially those requiring sub-zero temperatures, presents a formidable challenge. To directly address this challenge, specialized va-Q-tec containers were utilized. Engineered to maintain a specific temperature range consistently throughout the entire transportation process, these units offer the necessary temperature control (2 to 8°C), ensuring an uninterrupted cold chain.

The consignment, comprising 264 packages weighing 3540 kilograms, was equipped with coolants and carefully loaded into two pre-cooled refrigerated va-Q-tec containers. Upon reaching the Cargo Service Centre terminal, the consignment was promptly transferred to the pre-cooled va-Q-tec units, seamlessly processed, and handed over to the carrier within 3.30 hours. BRRING 2.0 Perishable Distribution Solutions Private Limited provided comprehensive cityside cold chain logistics support for this shipment.

CSMIA envisions that this pioneering venture into the transportation of frozen delicacies will emerge as a promising segment in the air cargo industry in the coming months. Moreover, this initiative has significant potential to rapidly expand the market access of local farmers and producers to distant markets. To cater to highly temperature-sensitive perishables, CSMIA has made substantial investments in state-of-the-art cold chain infrastructure, ensuring that frozen and highly perishable cargo is meticulously maintained at optimal temperatures within the airport’s premises. This achievement underscores CSMIA’s unwavering dedication to meeting the dynamic needs of its customers and broadening its service offerings.

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