Cold Chain Unbroken 2023 ends on a high note

Cold Chain Unbroken 2023 (CCUB 2023) unfolded as a two-day industry extravaganza, where supply chain and logistics experts converged to explore cutting-edge advancements in the field. Organized by WIZ Freight, the event revolved around the central theme of building a resilient cold chain infrastructure and was designed to inspire, inform, and innovate.

The two-day premier event provided the attendees with the perfect platform to collaborate and learn best practices from all the stakeholders responsible for maintaining the integrity of the cold supply chain.

At the inaugural session of CCUB 2023, WIZ unveiled an industry report ‘Air Cargo Infrastructure at Air Cargo Hubs’ and Krishi Jagran launched the September edition of its English magazine, ‘Agriculture World’ titled ‘Unleashing the potential of Cold Chain’.

The event saw many more activities planned for attendee engagement like visits to the WFS Coolport at the Kempegowda International Airport, Workshop on ‘Temperature Excursions’ by Skycell, a 6-km morning walk to celebrate 6 years of CCUB, and much more.

Day 1

CCUB 2023 commenced with a grand opening ceremony, setting the stage for a series of enlightening panel discussions. Distinguished speakers and industry leaders emphasized the pivotal role of an uninterrupted supply chain in today’s fast-paced global market.

The event was graced by the presence of Dr. S Selvakumar (IAS, Principal Secretary, Dept. of Commerce and Industries, Government of Karnataka) as the Chief Guest, Ms. Kajal Singh (Principal Commissioner, ACC & Airport) as the Guest of Honor and Mr. Satyaki Raghunath (Chief Strategy & Development Officer, BIAL) as the Keynote Speaker.

During the inaugural ceremony, these guests were joined by Mr. Ramkumar Govindrajan (Founder and CEO, WIZ) and Mr. Satish Lakkaraju (Global Head – Air Freight and Pharma, WIZ) for the lamp lighting ceremony and addressing the audience to welcome them. All of them shared their expertise in logistics, supply chain management, relationship management, and key account management, providing invaluable insights.

The Sponsors and Partners of the event were as follows:

  • Title Sponsor – Elyxr 
  • Platinum Sponsor – DFW Airport 
  • Silver Sponsors – Worldwide Flight Services Bangalore and Skycell
  • Airport Partner – Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru 
  • Logistics Partner – Turkish Cargo 
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  • Morning Tea Partners – GMR Hyderabad Cargo and GMR Delhi Airport 
  • Evening Tea Partners – Port of Antwerp and CSafe
  • Beverage Partner – Del Monte Foods
  • Fitness Partner – Fitistan
  • Networking Cocktails and Lanyard Partner – WIZ 
  • Coaster Partner – Celebi 
  • Delegate Partner – BATCO
  • Associate partners – FTCCI, ACCAI, FFFAI, Amtoi, Pharma.Aero, Forum of Indian Food Importers
  • Track Sponsors –  va-Q-tec
  • Official Media Partner- Logistics Insider

Let’s take a look at the panel discussions witnessed during CCUB 2023:

Cold Chain Infrastructure at Airports and on-ground
The second session focused on the critical infrastructure necessary for the effective operation of the cold chain industry, where the speakers spoke on various aspects including storage facilities, temperature-controlled zones, and transportation infrastructure. They shed light on the crucial role that a robust infrastructure plays in maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive products.

The session saw the participation of Mr. P. Balasubramanian (Founder and CEO of Air Cargo Consultancy International Services) as the moderator, and speakers like Mr. Mohammed Esa (Executive Vice President Group Commercial, Worldwide Flight Services), Mr. Prasad Gengusetti (Chief Operating Officer of GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo), Mr. Manoj Singh (Chief Cargo Officer at Adani Airports Holding Limited), John Ackerman (Executive Vice President of Global Strategy and Development at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport), Mr. S. Burak Omeroglu (VP for Middle East and South Asia at Turkish Cargo) and Mr. Abdulla Alkhallafi (Emirates SkyCargo’s Cargo Manager, India).

Streamlining the Skies: Innovating Cargo Processing to Unlock Air Cargo Growth Potential

With the increasing demand for the swift and reliable delivery of temperature-sensitive goods, optimizing cargo handling at airports is paramount, and innovations in cold supply chain logistics are essential in ensuring the seamless movement of perishable products via air. During this panel, the speakers deliberated on how by embracing innovations and streamlining cargo processing in the skies, the industry can unlock new levels of efficiency and reliability, ultimately enhancing the accessibility and reach of vital cold chain services.

The session saw the participation of Mr. Radharamanan Panicker (Managing Director, Dangerous Goods Management India Pvt Ltd) as the moderator, and speakers like Mr. Krishnakumar V. (Global COO at WIZ), Ms. Kajal Singh (Principal Commissioner Customs, Airport, and Air Cargo Bengaluru), Prof. Jitamitra Desai (Chairperson of the Decision Sciences Area at IIM,  Bangalore) and Mr. Milton De La Paz (Vice President of Airline Relations and Cargo Business Development at Dallas Fort Worth Airport)

Supply Chain Leaders of Bharat

This session shed a spotlight on individuals and organizations that have made exceptional contributions to the supply chain industry in India. It acknowledged their dedication and innovative approaches and featured inspiring success stories and anecdotes from these supply chain heroes, showcasing their resilience, problem-solving abilities, and commitment to ensuring the seamless flow of goods. The aim of the session was to inspire the next generation of professionals to pursue careers in supply chain management and logistics.

The session saw the participation of Mr. Ramkumar Govindarajan (Founder & CEO at WIZ Freight) as the moderator, and speakers like Mr. Alok Kumar Singh (Director – Logistics at VVDN Technologies), Mr. Seema Kapur (Director Logistics – Jubilant Ingrevia Limited), Mr. Gaurav Makhija (VP Supply Chain at Del Monte Foods Pvt. Ltd), and Mr. Varun Chopra (Executive Chairman – GEAR Group).

The first day of the event ended with an award function to salute the unsung heroes who make it all happen – the movers who ensure that goods traverse continents seamlessly, the shakers who innovate and redefine industry standards, and the box-breakers who overcome challenges with ingenious solutions. The award ceremony did not just celebrate the industry but also the backbone of global trade and commerce.

During the award ceremony, three remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on the cold chain industry were bestowed with Lifetime Achievement Awards. They are Mr. Balasubramanian P., Ms. Tulsi Nowlakha Mirchandaney (Managing Director, Blue Dart Aviation) and Mr. Sivasailam N (IAS Retd.). Their unwavering dedication, visionary leadership, and tireless commitment have not only shaped the trajectory of our industry but have also inspired countless professionals. CCUB celebrated these extraordinary individuals for their enduring legacy and profound impact.

Day 2

The second day of CCUB 2023 was action-packed, with sessions that delved deeper into the intricacies of maintaining an unbroken cold supply chain.

Packaging: importance of having the right packing and optimizing using Active and Passive solutions

Packaging is extremely crucial in the context of creating an end-to-end cold supply chain – it is not merely a container but a critical component that directly impacts the integrity and safety of temperature-sensitive products. The panelist deliberated on topics like temperature controlled containers, real time monitoring of temperature, various active and passive solutions and much more during this panel

The session saw the participation of Mr. Satish Lakkaraju (Global Head – Air Freight & Pharma, WIZ)  as the moderator, and speakers like Mr. Ravi Kumar Tummalapalli (Managing Director (India), va-Q-tec), Mr. Marrie Groeneveld (Advisor to The Board SkyCell AG), Ms. Rashmi Karnad (Manager Climate Control Product Pharma, Qatar Airways), Mr. Stefan Braun (Managing Director, SmartCAE), Ms. Chervee Ho ( Senior Director of Life Science Sales – Asia Pacific, CSafe) and Mr. B.Govindarajan (Chief Operating Officer Tirwin Management Services)

Unbroken Cold Chain of Perishables: Tapping in to the Indian Market for Exports and the Upcoming Intercity Food Delivery

As consumer habits transgress across the world, the demand for transportation of perishables has showcased an upward trajectory, and it is only expected to go north. India has emerged as a key player in both exports and the growing intercity food delivery sector and supply chain leaders recognize the need for a robust, tech-enabled unbroken cold supply chain which is essential for ensuring the quality and safety of perishable goods that are in demand in the export market. The speakers of this panel delved into the intricacies of this emerging trend and its impact on the cold chain.

The session saw the participation of Mr. Keku Bomi Gazder (MD and CEO of Aviapro Logistics Services) as the moderator, and speakers like Mr. Sunil Kumar (General Manager, Kejriwal Bee Care India), Ms. Reeba Abraham (Deputy General Manager, APEDA), Dr. Pradyumna Agrahari (MD & CEO, NextOn Foods), Mr. Ramesh Mamidala (Head Cargo, Air India), Mr. Manish Agnihothri (CEO, WFS Bengaluru) and Mr. Sameer Sachdeva (Vice President, Baramati Agro)

Pioneering Visibility and Agility: Ocean Transportation – The Preferred Supply Chain Solution

In today’s globalized world, ocean transportation has emerged as the preferred supply chain solution, especially for the perishables. The key to success in this domain lies in pioneering visibility and agility. Real-time visibility and transparency ensures that the cold chain is maintained, preserving the quality and safety of products. There is also an urgent need for supply chains to be agile and quickly respond to disruptions,and adapt to changing market demands, among others. This session witnessed discussions on the scope, opportunities and challenges with the transportation of perishables via ocean mode.

The session saw the participation of Mr. Jayaram Radhakrishnan (CEO and Executive Director at WIZ) as the moderator, and speakers like Mr. Jebakumar (Area General Manager – Western & Central India, CMA CGM), Mr. Devang Vyas (General Manager Glenmark Pharmaceuticals), Mr. Kunal Vethekar (Assistant General Manager- Global Logistics) and Mr. Amritendu Mukherjee (General Manager-Logistics Dr. Reddy’s Laboraties)

Trucking and the Latest Trends Involving Energy Savings and Sustainable Options

Trucking serves as the primary mode of transportation for perishable and temperature-sensitive goods, often bridging the gap between production sites, distribution centres, and retailers or end consumers. The aim is to minimize the harm to the environment while ensuring that the quality of goods remains high. This session witnessed deliberations on some important action points to achieve sustainability in trucking for cold chain.

The session saw the participation of Mr. Pawan Mulukutla (Director – Integrated Transport, Electric Mobility & Hydrogen, WRI India) as the moderator, and speakers like Mr. Samit Jain (Managing Director, Pluss Advanced Technologies), Mr. Guhan Murthy, Director – Land Transportation Solutions, WIZ Tracks), Mr. Uday Narang (Founder and Chairman, Omega Seiki), and Mr. Manoj Sharma (Head of Supply Chain Management, HMC MM Auto Limited).

A Grateful Farewell

CCUB 2023 ended with heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to its resounding success, considering that organizing such a monumental event required meticulous planning, tireless coordination, and the dedication of numerous individuals and teams.

The event provided a unique platform for supply chain and logistics professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and inspire innovation. It underscored the essential role of an unbroken cold supply chain in ensuring the global logistics network’s efficiency, safety, and quality. CCUB 2023 showcased the industry’s commitment to excellence and sustainability, promising a brighter, more efficient future for supply chain and logistics.

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