China must use technology to counter the West’s plans for supply chain de-risking: Experts

In a recent gathering of global executives and industry experts at the China International Supply Chain Expo, the consensus emerged that China aims to capitalize on its technological strides, particularly in critical sectors like new energy and smart agriculture. The objective is to fortify its standing in the worldwide supply chain landscape and counter Western strategies aimed at minimizing risks.

Discussions unfolded extensively during forums held as part of the inaugural expo, a state-supported event reinforcing China’s stature as a preferred hub for global manufacturers. This initiative gains significance amid efforts to lure back foreign investors post-pandemic, against a backdrop of geopolitical uncertainties.

Amid a collective pursuit for a more resilient and secure supply chain, participants underscored the pivotal role of technological advancements as a driving force behind necessary adjustments. Chris Pereira, CEO of the North American Ecosystem Institute, highlighted the global embrace of Chinese suppliers and technologies, emphasizing the implementation of the entrepreneurial Shenzhen model in various nations.

China, positioned as the world’s foremost energy producer and consumer, holds a strategic advantage in the burgeoning new energy vehicle market. The nation envisions leveraging its green transition to ascend in the global value chain.

The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the expo’s organizer, identified smart vehicles, green agriculture, clean energy, digital technology, and pharmaceuticals as the pivotal forces reshaping the global supply chain. The evolving landscape, marked by localization, diversification, digitization, and eco-friendly practices, underscores the indispensable role of innovation and technology.

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