Chapman Freeborn appoints two female leaders

To help build its global operator relationships and regional enterprises, Chapman Freeborn has appointed Catriona Taylor to the newly created position of Global Supplier Relations Director and Jenny van Wyk has been promoted to Country Manager – South Africa.

Taylor in her role as Global Supplier Relations Director will further Chapman Freeborn’s focus on building and strengthening operator relationships both new and old, with carriers and other operators across all products within the Group.

Associated with Chapman Freeborn for 18 years, Tylor most recently worked in the position of Group Passenger Operations Director, where she oversaw passenger and VIP charters across the business.

“The key to Chapman Freeborn’s success has always been our strong supplier relationships, and I’m looking forward to cementing our global network even further, keeping up with the momentum we’ve built over the years and forging new relationships with suppliers across the world,” said Taylor.

“Catriona has been with Chapman Freeborn for many years and has continually been a vital support to our Passenger Teams around the world. I look forward to expanding our operator relationships on a global scale under Catriona’s leadership.”

Neil Dursley, Group Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Chapman Freeborn.

Van Wyk, now appointed as the country manager-South Africa will manage operations, develop business, and ensure that the region’s operations align with the company’s mission and objectives. Associated with the organization for nine years Van Wyk was working as a member of the passenger team based in South Africa.

“I will make my mark by combining Chapman Freeborn’s vision and mission with my own  as I work to take our African operations to the next level, strengthening our teams and products in the region. I have a great team alongside me and together we will hold the Africa baton up high.”

Jenny van Wyk, Country Manager – South Africa.

Both appointments follow a review of Chapman Freeborn’s internal HR data, which showed an 18 percent increase in women in leadership positions at the company compared with this time last year.

Chapman Freeborn’s workforce now comprises of 45% women, which is significantly higher than the aerospace industry average of just 24 percent.

“While we look beyond gender at Chapman Freeborn; we’re proud of the parity that exists throughout the business – from senior leadership positions to new hires. Our recruitment process and company culture reward performance and capability over individual characteristics, so seeing women make up 45 percent of the business is brilliant.That said, barriers still exist, and it’s our responsibility as an industry to challenge them.”

Sara Petre, Head of Human Resources, Chapman Freeborn.

Chapman Freeborn which is aiming to significantly exceed its workforce growth it achieved last year, continues to drive its ambitious 2023 recruitment campaign.

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