DHL Supply Chain partners with Tetra Pak to implement its first digital twin warehouse in Asia Pacific

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Post Date : July 17, 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes DHL Supply Chain, a global leader for contract logistics and Tetra Pak, a household name in the field of food processing and packaging has come together to deploy the digital … Read More

Digitalization revolutionizing Customs clearance procedures in India

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Post Date : May 30, 2019

Reading Time: 6 minutes Digitalization in customs clearance procedures as part of transport and logistics is an important driver for efficiency, simplification, lowering costs, and better use of resources and existing infrastructures. Digitalisation also … Read More

Chatty Gargoyle greets passengers at Denver International Airport

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Post Date : April 19, 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes The airport has installed the talking Gargoyle on its 24th anniversary Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter every day, so is its uses. Airlines and airports across the world are engaging … Read More