BYD’s Explorer No.1 Makes Waves in Europe: 3,000 Electric Vehicles Land in Germany

BYD, a global electric vehicle (EV) leader, made a significant entrance into the European market as its first cargo ship, the Explorer No.1, launched in January this year docked in Germany with around 3,000 electric vehicles. This Ro-Ro (roll on, roll off) transport ship, spanning 653 ft and capable of carrying 7,000 vehicles, is part of a fleet of eight planned for exports. Owned by Zodiac Maritime and leased by BYD, this marks a milestone as the first ship designed by a Chinese shipyard specifically for exporting vehicles. Notably, BYD’s Explorer No.1 uses green and clean liquefied natural gas to substantially reduce emissions.

China International Marine Containers Group (CIMC), the ship’s builder, emphasizes the environmental impact of using liquefied natural gas as the main fuel. This move comes as electric cars contribute to China surpassing Japan as the leading global auto exporter. The vessel arrived in Bremerhaven, Germany, after setting sail earlier this month, underscoring BYD’s commitment to expanding its overseas presence.

Beyond transporting BYD vehicles, the company envisions the Ro-Ro vessels fostering partnerships with other Chinese automakers. BYD Corporate GM Wang Junbao expresses the company’s strategic plan to utilize these vessels not only for its own vehicles but also to strengthen collaborations within the Chinese automotive industry. As BYD continues to make waves in the global EV market, the Explorer No.1 represents a notable step towards sustainable and expansive international growth.

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