Bobba Logistics’ upcoming micro fulfilment centre in Bangalore

The retail segment which was gradually welcoming its transformation rather faced unprecedented pressure to enhance its omnichannel commerce after the surge in the e-commerce market amid the pandemic. The changing consumer behaviours and patterns have given a rise to many newer trends, one of them being micro fulfilment centres (MFCs).

Focused on using small, highly-automated warehouse facilities in densely populated urban locations near to the end customer, the MFCs – although a newer concept – has caught the eyes of many as it improves the time of delivering goods and enhance customer experience.

According to the latest study, Micro Fulfilment Market is expected to have a cumulative opportunity worth ~$10B in the next 6 years by 2026 with an installed base of ~2000 MFCs if the technology and concept remain permanent.

Understanding the need for a tech-enabled multi-storey warehousing solution and capitalizing on the growing market, Bobba Logistics – a complete warehousing and logistics solution company from the Bobba Group – has risen to the occasion to soon launch a modern state of the art micro fulfilment centre near Bangalore.

Bobba Logistics owns and operates a complete micro fulfilment and lite warehousing solution and facility, that is just off NH44. In close proximity and easy accessibility from Bangalore city and major industrial hubs around Bangalore, the Bobba Logistics facility now allows the facilitation of quick shipment of a diverse set of goods to multiple locations.

This upcoming facility boasts its scientifically designed steel structures, pre-engineered in factories and assembled at the location. The facility will be operating in an area of 75,000 sq  ft with a complete provision to manage end-to-end supply chain needs along with a dedicated cold zone.

Catering to a wide spectrum of industries including automotive, electronics and electrical parts, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, food, healthcare products, frozen meats and vegetables, garments etc., the facility will offer best-in-class services in warehousing, storage valuable cargo, transportation services, sorting centre, courier shipping services to existing and future customers.

Furthermore, Bobba Logistics offers services like consolidation & inventory management, which caters to needs ranging from first-mile deliveries, to last-mile deliveries, to hyper local deliveries, cold zone, and on demand warehouse space, and reverse logistics and many more. Among value added services, it also offers packing, assembly & repair services, labelling, etc.

These host of services (value-added and otherwise) that are offered with Bobba Logistics micro fulfilment solution – sorting, reverse packaging, grading, pre-cooling, multicommodity capability, labelling, etc. – including real-time access to data/ temperature/ tracking/ other details to customers who want such services over the cloud has become their USP.

The new facility will be digitally up to date, waterproofed, well-ventilated, and temperature controlled, not to forget, completely monitored by the latest CCTV cameras.

With the new micro fulfilment facility, Bobba Logistics looks to improve the agility and flexibility of its customers’ supply chains.   

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