Blume Global launches Blume CarrierGo in India

Blume Global launched, Blume CarrierGo, the only cloud-based, intelligent operating platform for Indian trucking companies, in Varanasi today. Blume CarrierGo is an easy, scalable, and affordable solution for trucking companies to digitally manage container movements to and from across all modes of transport.

Chief Guest, Shri A. K. Singh, Deputy Transport Commissioner, Varanasi Zone, logged into the solution officially at the Taj Ganges, Varanasi. Pervinder Johar, CEO, Blume Global and Sudhir Unnikrishnan, SVP & MD, India, Blume Global launched the product and highlighted the key features to the media.

“Indian supply chain is a complex ecosystem and is highly dependent on both small and large players to ensure that goods are delivered, and consumers’ demands are met.  Within this ecosystem, small trucking companies are integral players that are often struggling to meet these expectations and even stay in business.  As digitization becomes more accessible, customers no longer want to deal with paper and manual processes that take up their time and resources.”

Pervinder Johar, CEO, Blume Global

“At Blume, we analyzed these pain points and designed CarrierGo that enables the democratization of technology enabling trucking software available to the smallest owner-operator trucking company for a low cost and easy onboarding. I would like to thank the Varanasi trucker’s association for welcoming us today and giving us a grand platform for the launch of our product” he said.

“With the launch of CarrierGo in India, Blume takes a step forward towards making Government’s National Logistics Policy a reality. A streamlined and resilient supply chain is the need of the hour and CarrierGo is designed to optimize and automate transportation management across multiple modes, routes, and carriers. CarrierGo can run your operations more effectively and efficiently, grow your business with exceptional customer service, and enable easy transactions with faster payments. We are overjoyed to launch the product in Varanasi as it is one of the melting pots for the trucking industry and sincerely hope to make CarrierGo the most sought-after product in India.”

Sudhir Unnikrishnan, Senior Vice President & MD, India, Blume Global

Congratulating  Blume Global, Rajesh Rupani, President of, Truck Operator Association, Varanasi, said, “On behalf of our association I would like to congratulate Blume Global for the launch and wish them all the very best for this phenomenal product. The trucking industry in India is quite fragmented, and often-available technology is out of reach for small trucking organizations. We are glad that Blume Global identified the issue at the core and has developed CarrierGo for Indian roads. This product will enable truck operators to maximize their potential and expand their market reach.”

Drayage truckers are under immense pressure to provide visibility of containers to their customers. CarrierGo enables both dispatchers and drivers with multiple features like access to real-time tracking data via GPS and Geo-fencing and captures milestone events via API, EDI, email alerts, and customer portal. With CarrierGo you can store all your data at one single digital platform and access it from anywhere, track your drivers on the go and manage work orders on a real-time basis, network among your circle, and send instant proof of delivery to your manager.

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