Blue Dart ramps up its Temperature Controlled Logistics (TCL) solution to combat the pandemic

Blue Dart, in lines with its commitment to help improve the supply chain and ensure timely medical provisions is ramping up its infrastructure with its pre-existing specialised Temperature Controlled Logistics (TCL) to combat the pandemic.

As per report, Blue Dart will offer complete Supply Chain Solution for the Life Sciences and Clinical Trials Sector and reefer vehicles (cold chain) services to the vaccine sector to ensure seamless transport of shipments.

While the world awaits the COVID vaccine anticipates the vaccines to be released soon as it leapfrogs across development phases, it is known that stringent temperature requirements (up to – 80°C) will be a critical factor for its transportation and warehousing at every stage.

An efficient and specialized logistics network will be a prerequisite, to ensure safe and rapid delivery of billions of Covid-19 vaccine doses for mass immunization, and other temperature-sensitive pharma products on a national & global scale.

Preparing itself for the same, Blue Dart has successfully tailored its existing Temperature Controlled Logistics solution which will enable it to transport critical shipments such as vaccines, medical samples and more. The TCL teams work with three industry specific segments: Clinical Research Organization (CRO), Vaccine/Testing Kit manufactures and Active Pharma Ingredient for swift and safe delivery of shipments.

As per research on Blue Dart’s consumer feedback, conducted through Net Promoter Approach methodology, Blue Dart successfully scored a Net Promoter Score(NPS) of 100% for its TCL solutions, even higher than its other services which has an enviable NPS of 99.6%.

“The right partnerships are vital to secure critical medical supplies during health emergencies. We are actively working with various pharmaceutical organizations that are conducting clinical trials to produce a Covid-19 vaccine in India in their pre and post production journey. As a part of the DPDHL Group, Blue Dart has the knowhow of the internal best practices in the life sciences and healthcare logistics business and is a part of a large global logistics network which allows us to use each of our sister Business Unit’s strength in providing the best solution to our customer.”

~ Mr. Ketan Kulkarni CMO & Head – Business Development, Blue Dart

He further added, “A number of factors such as warehousing, packaging and transportation, regional distribution competence, consistent temperature management, requirement of special equipment and availability of trained personnel to handle the temperature-sensitive vaccines will come into play once the vaccine is developed.

With an agile response team overseeing the upscaling of our current capabilities, strong fleet of dedicated Boeing 757 aircrafts and robust infrastructure for our Temperature Controlled Logistics solutions, we are capable and prepared to meet any immediate large-scale demand.”

Blue Dart which caters to over 35000 locations has continuously worked with the medical equipment and pharmaceuticals sector to maintain the supply chain and deliver critical shipment and essential supplies including COVID vaccine samples, temperature-controlled movement of COVID-19 testing kits, ventilators, PPE, testing kits, reagents, enzymes, respirators, surgical masks, goggles and gloves amongst other critical material. The company’s six Boeing 757 freighters ensure the ease in ramping up operations swiftly to handle large scale shipments.

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