BLR Airport maintains top position in export of perishable cargo for 3rd time in a row

Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru (also known as KIAB/BLR Airport) continuing its streak has emerged again as the leading airport for exporting perishable cargo in India once again. This is the third consecutive year that the airport has successfully maintained its top position.

In Financial Year 2022-23(FY23), BLR Airport handled a record tonnage of 53,751 metric tonnes (MT), marking a growth of 3% compared to the previous year (FY22) when the Airport handled 52,366MT of perishable cargo.

BLR Airport has maintained its dominant position in the export of perishable goods, with a 27% share in total cargo volumes across the Indian air cargo market and a 41% share within airports in southern India.

Among perishable goods, BLR Airport led in the export of poultry and floriculture/flowers in India with a 9% increase compared to the previous year and a notable export of 39,865MT and 1,877MT respectively. Additionally, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits were among the top commodities exported by BLR Cargo. During the same period, fresh mangoes witnessed a 10% surge in export volume.

In FY 23, the top destinations for international export were Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Maldives, UAE, Kuwait, and the UK. The volume of perishable goods transported to Maldives and Kuwait rebounded to pre-COVID levels in FY23 and experienced a 50% growth compared to the previous year. The export of perishable goods to the United States has also tripled compared to FY22. Last year, the perishable cargo from BLR Airport was connected to more than 60 international destinations. Currently, BLR Cargo operates in 25 international destinations and 75 destinations in India, with a total of 13 cargo freighters.

BLR Airport has played a pivotal role as one of India’s leading air cargo EXIM contributors, through its exceptional volume shares across both Indian and South Indian airports. As India’s leading airport for handling perishable cargo for the third consecutive year, we strive to serve as a vital gateway in the facilitation of seamless export operations and enabling businesses to connect with global markets from Bengaluru.

~ Satyaki Raghunath, Chief Strategy and Development Officer, Bangalore International Airport Ltd

We commend BLR Airport for its impressive growth in tonnage and continued success in export operations. BLR Airport’s significant contribution to India’s overall air cargo movement, along with its leadership in handling perishable cargo, highlights its crucial role in facilitating agricultural and processed food exports. The airport’s seamless connectivity to numerous international destinations further strengthens India’s position as a major exporter in the global market.

~ Reeba Abraham, Deputy General Manager & Regional Head at APEDA

The efficient handling of perishable cargo at BLR Airport is showcased in “The BLR Cargo – Namdhari film.” The video highlights how the airport’s cargo facilities guarantee rigorous quality checks, grading and sorting processes before shipping perishable goods. The success of this operation is credited to the staff, strong collaboration within the wider cargo ecosystem and the collective efforts of all partners involved.

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