Blinkit to deliver prints soon in selected locations

Jitesh Goel, Product Head at Zomato owned Blinkit, shared with a LinkedIn post recently that they will be delivering prints to customer doorstep soon in selected locations of Delhi NCR – within 11 minutes. The service is currently in the testing phase. Users can upload their prints on the Blinkit app in formats like JPEG and PDF, and will receive A4 size prints in the aforesaid time.

We at Blinkit are giving printouts in minutes in a few areas now. Have never had a printer at home and getting it from a cyber cafe or library or neighbours or offices has always been cumbersome especially when it’s needed at the point of approaching deadlines. This should be really useful especially at the
rates it is available at. You just have to upload the file and we will deliver it to you in minutes. There’s absolutely no manual intervention in printing and we delete the uploaded file as soon as it is printed.”

Jitesh Goel

The prints will be charged at INR 9.00 per page for black and white, and INR 19.00 per page for coloured. As of now, there is no minimum order quantity for this service. Goel also mentioned that the prints will be delivered in a sealed envelope, as far as the security is concerned.

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