AVG Logistics setting new benchmarks in the multimodal segment  

When it comes to managing an efficient supply chain in a sustainable manner, the only answer is going multimodal. Not only does it ensure the cargo reaches from origin to destination in the shortest possible time, but also takes care that the impact of the said transportation is minimised. It is a truly conscious way of operating, and requires years of experience so that, in its entirety, the company moves towards top-end supply chain operations. We spoke to Sanjay Gupta, Managing Director, AVG Logistics Ltd. about how the organisation is setting new milestones on its way to become a ‘truly multi-modal’ one. Edited excerpts:

What are your offerings under the umbrella of multi-modal logistics?

Our key strength is the Rail Cum Road model, where we pioneer in Door-to-Door delivery covering major distances by rail. We are a market leader in providing different rail cargo services to our customers, such as Full rack and peace meal transportation, container movement & terminal management across all CONCOR ICDs. We have introduced rail services for express, FMCG, automotive, e-com and other industries on all major routes ex north to east, west to east, north to south & return. We have become a true multimodal logistics company, catering to all major industries for end-to-end solutions via road, rail, coastal, air and cold chain solutions. Our trains run on Van Parcel, Long Term Leasing as well as On-Demand models, and are also fitted with temperature control equipment for cold-chain cargo.

How have you integrated rail freight into your operations? Are you witnessing growing adoption for rail services?

For economic reasons we expect to experience a major switch in demand for rail service to road. A factor considered for the crucial diversification of our service portfolio was the increasingly volatile fuel prices and their burgeoning effect on the operational costs for our customers. Rail freight is envisaged as an operational cost like lorry hire. There is an expected push for rail deployment for the freight network in the Government’s future policy. In the past decade, the Ministry of Railways has been making some notable efforts into the promotion of railways for the transportation of cargo and have lauded us for our innovative approach in rail logistics, especially in the movement of medical essentials during the early pandemic days. We have ventured into rail logistics with the aim to boost parcel business and give hastened yet safer and affordable services to our new as well as existing customers.

E-commerce has generated a huge demand in terms of last-mile logistics and warehousing. What measures were taken by AVG to ensure a minimum gap between demand and supply?

We meet customers’ demands and expectations through coordinated measures initiated by branches/Corporate & warehouses. Setting up of mega warehouses too has helped in achieving timely deliveries. We also adapt to provide storage space to customers on a temporary basis.

Moreover, we use up-to-date and high end technology for improving productivity and increasing efficiency in our warehouses. Additionally, we handle transportation and storage of both cold and ambient temperature-sensitive products ranging from -25 to +26 degrees range.

This is an abridged version of the original interview published in the January 2023 issue of Logistics Insider magazine. Click here to read the complete interview.

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