Assam’s fresh fruits fly to Singapore for the first time

In a significant development marking a remarkable advancement in the trade relationship between India and Singapore, the first-ever shipment of fresh fruits from Assam was flown to Singapore recently via air cargo. This achievement sets the stage for the establishment of a direct agro-export route from India’s Northeast region to Singapore, promising economic progress while strengthening the ties between the two nations.

Simon Wong, the Singapore High Commissioner to India, expressed his pleasure by sharing the exciting news on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter).

In another significant development, India and Singapore on the same day jointly achieved a milestone by conducting their first paperless transaction using the Trade Trust platform. This achievement signifies a significant stride forward in digital connectivity between the two countries, showcasing their shared commitment to leveraging technological innovation to reshape and elevate their trade practices.

High Commissioner Wong once again utilized his social media handle to share this achievement: “Following the India-Singapore Ministerial Roundtable & the meeting with PM Modi, we have piloted the first live paperless transaction using the Trade Trust platform. Another milestone in digital connects between Singapore & India – HC Wong.”

These achievements follow the India-Singapore Ministerial Roundtable and a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Reports reveal that the enduring relationship between India and Singapore dates back to Singapore’s early years of independence in 1965. Rooted in common economic and political interests, this longstanding partnership is evident through numerous agreements signed between the two nations. These agreements not only reflect the expanding scope of their collaboration but also establish a comprehensive framework for mutual engagement spanning government initiatives, business ventures, and people-to-people interactions.

The recent milestones, highlighted by the arrival of Assam’s fruits in Singapore and the pioneering achievement of a paperless trade transaction, underscore the dynamic and thriving partnership between India and Singapore. As both countries continue to seek new avenues for collaboration, their shared commitment to fostering mutual growth and development remains resolute.

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