Armenia explores integration with Iran’s Chabahar Port

Armenia is currently engaged in discussions to join Iran’s Chabahar Port, seeking enhanced access to India and other Asian nations, according to Mnatsakan Safaryan, the country’s deputy foreign minister.

Armenia is eager for seamless connectivity between the International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC) and Chabahar Port, anticipating the completion of this link within a year.

This move aligns with the trilateral grouping of India, Iran, and Armenia, with recent discussions in Yerevan focusing on economic projects and regional communication channels.

 Armenia proposes the Persian Gulf-Black Sea corridor via Iran as part of INSTC or as a new branch, facilitating trade between Indian and European markets. The ‘Crossroads of Peace’ project aims to enhance regional communication, presenting significant benefits for India.

Despite regional challenges, Armenia’s strong economic growth positions it as a natural partner for India. Talks are underway to establish agreements regulating mobility issues and launch direct flights between the two nations.

Additionally, collaboration in the information technology sector is being explored, leveraging the expertise of both countries in this field.

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