Apple to Resume iPad Manufacturing Plans in India, Seek New Partner

Apple is reportedly resuming preparations to manufacture iPads in India as the government works to attract more supply chains to the country. According to a report by Moneycontrol, Apple is expected to begin the search for a new manufacturing partner soon. Previously, Apple attempted to partner with China’s BYD to produce iPads in India, but the partnership ended due to geopolitical concerns.

“BYD was almost ready to set up the factory for iPad in India, but clearance was a problem, and the situation has changed significantly now. We are now trying to help Apple expand further over the next two to three years. There will be substantial growth,” a senior official told Moneycontrol. The government is also encouraging Apple to explore manufacturing other electronic devices such as laptops and desktops in India in the coming years.

Last year, after facing roadblocks in receiving approvals for iPad manufacturing in India, Apple shifted its iPad production focus to Vietnam with BYD.

This development comes as Apple is significantly boosting its iPhone manufacturing capabilities. The company is also working on increasing the production of components for AirPod wireless charging cases through Jabil in India. Jabil Inc, an American multinational contract manufacturing company, also produces 4G and 5G equipment for Sweden’s Ericsson.

“Once Apple approves it after quality testing, Jabil will ramp up commercial production of wireless charging case parts for AirPods. The ramp-up will not only serve export requirements but also address domestic demand once Apple finalizes plans to start AirPod production in India,” sources cited in the report.

Following iPhones, AirPods will become the second product category manufactured in India, dominating the global TWS (true wireless stereo) market.

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