Anticipation builds up for the 2023 edition of Cold Chain Unbroken (CCUB) to be held in Bengaluru

CCUB 2023

A robust cold supply chain is important in India and globally for a number of reasons. Not only does it maintain the quality and safety of perishable goods, but it also helps to ensure minimum wastage and shortages. In India, the cold supply chain is particularly important due to the country’s large population and diverse climate. A robust cold supply chain can help meet the large and varied demand and ensure that perishable goods are available all year.

The cold supply chain is a complex system that involves a number of different components, including:

  • Warehouses and distribution centers that are equipped to store and transport perishable goods at the correct temperature
  • Refrigerated trucks and other vehicles that are used to transport perishable goods
  • Information technology systems that track the movement of perishable goods and ensure that they are kept at the correct temperature
  • Appropriate and efficient workforce to run the cold supply chain

An industry initiative by WIZ (a group company of radar ventures pvt. ltd.), Cold Chain Unbroken (CCUB) is a premier event for the cold chain sector in India. Cold Chain Unbroken has been happening for the last few years and this year it will be held on the 14th and 15th of September. The event acts as a portal for the industry to witness some of the best possible discussions around the cold chain, including pharma, food/FMCG, technology, and much more.

CCUB is witness to the active participation of industry leaders, bureaucrats, and big names from the supply chain industry, including GMR Cargo, Pharma.Aero, SkyCell, Turkish Cargo, DFW Airport, etc. Each year, CCUB has been a super successful extravaganza, with the participation of over 300 delegates and more than 50 speakers from 20+ countries.

The experts joining the event this year come from areas such as pharmaceuticals, Quality Assurance, Airports, seaports, Cold chains, Airlines, Shipping Lines, Technology Providers, Regulators, etc. It provides a vast stage for service providers, users, and experts to connect and network with each other over the two-day event itinerary.

CCUB 2023 will provide the perfect platform to collaborate and learn best practices from all the stakeholders responsible for maintaining the integrity of Pharmaceutical, Food, & FMCG products. The fusion of prudent panel topics and exclusive interaction with exhibitors allows participants to learn more.

This year as well, the event will pack various insightful panel discussions over a period of two days for the speakers to deliberate on trending topics in the industry. The anticipated panel discussion pointers for the upcoming edition of CCUB will include but won’t be limited to: government policies supporting the industry, cold chain infrastructure at airports, technological trends, Digital Twins, sustainable trucking, Ocean vs. Air, food safety and security, packaging, ESG, collaboration, digital platforms for process simplification.

CCUB 2022 was a lively and informative event that covered a wide range of topics relevant to the logistics and supply chain industries. Some of the most interesting discussions included the importance of developing new infrastructure, customer experience, data, predictability, digital twins, Dangerous Goods Regulation, sustainable operations, the cold chain for agriculture, and the potential of hybrid & adaptive packaging.

The event provided valuable insights into these topics and helped attendees to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the logistics and supply chain industries. Overall, CCUB 2022 was a tremendous success and managed to garner a lot of appreciation from the audience and industry stakeholders alike.

With the aforementioned anticipated discussion pointers, CCUB 2023 can be expected to address some of the cold supply chain’s critical pain points and opportunities. The event will provide some important takeaways for those who will be a part of it. 

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