An Obscure Supply Chain Firm Has Emerged As the Third-Largest Electoral Bonds Donor, Find Out Who

In a revelation that has sparked considerable intrigue, Qwik Supply Chain Private Limited has emerged as the third-largest donor of political funds through the now-defunct electoral bonds scheme, having contributed a staggering sum of Rs 410 crore. This relatively obscure entity made substantial donations totalling Rs 360 crore during the financial year 2021-22, followed by an additional Rs 50 crore in the subsequent fiscal year.

What adds a layer of complexity to this revelation is the apparent association between Qwik Supply Chain Pvt Ltd and the Reliance Group. According to a report by Reporters Collective, all three directors of Qwik Supply Chain Pvt Ltd—Vipul Pranlal Mehta, Sridhar Titti, and Tapas Mitra—have documented ties to entities within the Reliance conglomerate.

Tapas Mitra, one of the directors, maintains directorship in 26 other companies, including partnerships such as Reliance Eros Productions LLP. Notably, his LinkedIn profile identifies him as the Head of Accounts (Consolidation) at Reliance Industries Limited.

Similarly, Vipul Pranlal Mehta is associated with Reliance Icons and Traders Private Limited, a privately held company. Additionally, the third director, Mahesh Mungekar, holds directorial positions in other Reliance Group entities, namely Reliance Telecom Limited and Reliance Communications Infrastructure Limited.

The recent disclosures come on the heels of the Election Commission of India (ECI) complying with directives from the Supreme Court to publish data related to the purchase and redemption of electoral bonds. The State Bank of India (SBI), the custodian of the electoral bond scheme, furnished this crucial data to the ECI on March 12, in adherence to the court’s mandate following the scheme’s scrapping.

The shared data comprises two distinct sets: one detailing the purchasers’ identities, dates, and bond denominations, and the other delineating the political parties, dates, and denominations of bonds encashed. Notably, while the data illuminates the magnitude of contributions, accurately pinpointing the recipients remains elusive.

The revelations underscore broader questions surrounding transparency and accountability in political financing, with implications for the integrity of electoral processes and corporate governance. For instance, Future Gaming And Hotel Services emerged as another major contributor, channeling donations amounting to Rs 1,368 crore, as per the disclosed data.

As stakeholders digest the implications of these disclosures, scrutiny mounts on the nexus between corporate entities and political funding, prompting calls for robust regulatory frameworks to safeguard the democratic process from undue influence and opacity.

These revelations serve as a clarion call for heightened vigilance and regulatory oversight to fortify the democratic ethos and uphold the principles of transparency and accountability in political finance.

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