Amazon Launches Rail Service to Move Products Between Distribution Centers in Italy and Germany

Amazon has forged a partnership with Italy’s state railways to launch a new rail service aimed at transporting goods between distribution centers in Italy and Germany. This collaboration is expected to significantly reduce CO2 emissions generated by Amazon’s operations.

Towards the end of last year, Amazon had already revealed its intention to increase the use of rail and sea transportation across Europe. The company plans to establish transportation networks encompassing more than 100 rail routes and over 300 sea routes.

Amazon’s latest initiative involves teaming up with Italy’s state railway, Ferrovie dello Stato (FS), to establish two primary routes. One route will run from Duisburg, Germany, to Pomezia, Italy, while the other will connect Herne, Germany, to Verona, Italy. These routes will be serviced by a total of nine weekly trains.

Under this agreement, FS subsidiary Mercitalia Intermodal will operate three trains per week on the Duisburg to Pomezia route, while the Herne to Verona route will be served by six weekly trains managed by TX Logistik, another FS subsidiary. The Italian state railways estimate that this shift to rail transportation could reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 9,000 tons annually compared to road transport.

Lorenzo Barbo, CEO of Amazon Italia Logistics, highlighted Italy’s strategic geographical position and robust Alpine connections as pivotal in leveraging the growth of intermodal rail transportation. He emphasized that expanding the collaboration with Mercitalia enables the development of sustainable logistics practices and increases the use of rail freight across Amazon’s European network.

Sabrina de Filippis, CEO of Mercitalia Logistics, emphasized that establishing rail connections with Germany aligns with their strategic business plans and supports the European Union’s goal of having 30% of goods transported by rail by 2030.

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