Amazon buys 11 Boeing aircrafts to expand its air cargo fleet

E-commerce giant Amazon Inc. on Tuesday announced that the company is buying 11 used Boeing 767-300 planes, as it looks to boost its delivery capabilities to cater to the online surge.

The company which for the first time has purchased, rather than leased aircrafts, said it was buying seven aircraft from Delta Air Lines Inc. and four from WestJet Airlines Ltd.

 The WestJet aircraft are currently being converted from passenger to cargo planes and will join Amazon’s fleet this year. On the other hand, the Delta jets will start flying in 2022.

As per the company’s spokesperson, by the end of next year, Amazon expects to have more than 85 planes in service.

Seattle-based Amazon has taken good advantage of the pandemic. The deal by the company on Tuesday marks the second time that Amazon has taken advantage of the depressed market for aircraft since the COVID-19 pandemic crippled air travel and sent many aircraft into storage spaces.

On June, Amazon said it was leasing an additional 12 planes.

As with the leased planes, the newly purchased aircraft will be operated by contractors.

“Having a mix of both leased and owned aircraft in our growing fleet allows us to better manage our operations, which in turn helps us to keep pace in meeting our customer promises.”

~Sarah Rhoads, Vice president of Amazon Global Air

Amazon’s air cargo fleet was launched in 2016. Before this deal, the company had 80 leased planes, although  its estimated that the expansion in the coming years will see about 200 aircraft employed in Amazon’s fleet.

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