Amazon Air’s blue bird Boeing 737-800 to soar Indian skies

A month after announcing the launch of its dedicated air cargo service – Amazon Air – in India, the e-commerce giant has officially launched the blue coloured cargo carrier in collaboration with Quickjet Cargo Airlines. The new Boeing 737-800 will enable faster deliveries, wider reach and better transportation network for Amazon in India, while at the same time, enhancing the air cargo infrastructure.

Amazon has been at the forefront of the global e-commerce industry and has made significant contributions to its supply chain in all regions it operates in. Same goes for India, where Amazon has been picking up investment pace in terms of warehouses and transportation. Amazon Air’s launch in India marks a significant step towards solidifying the company’s dominance in the region. The rapid expansion of its operations, now with 110 aircraft serving 70 global destinations, puts Amazon Air on a path to reaching a significant portion of the world. This means that customers in India can now enjoy faster and more reliable deliveries, further cementing Amazon’s success.

In this special interview with Abhinav Singh, Director, Customer Fulfilment, Supply Chain & Amazon Transportation Services, Amazon India, we get to know what Amazon Air holds for India.

Q] India is typically considered to be a price sensitive market. So, what makes India a favourable destination to introduce the Amazon Air service?

At Amazon, we always start with the customer and work backwards. This investment and all investments in building the country’s logistical infrastructure aim to strengthen our existing vast network and meet the growing needs of our customers. The launch of Amazon Air will help us deliver an even wider selection faster, and this speed will be free for Prime customers.

Q] How will Amazon Air enhance the overall logistics infrastructure for Amazon in India?

Amazon is the first e-commerce company in India to partner with a third-party air carrier to provide a dedicated air cargo network, reaffirming its long-term commitment to strengthen its transportation infrastructure in India. With its own air cargo network in place, Amazon is focused on delivering the promise of faster deliveries to its customers, particularly for items that are not readily available in their nearest Amazon fulfilment center. The aircraft will operate on specific routes such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad given the high demand in these cities.

Q] Which categories of products will benefit the most with the introduction of Amazon Air?

At Amazon, our single-minded focus continues to be on working backwards from the customers’ end, their preferences and innovating on their behalf. The aircrafts are intended to improve the speed of delivery for Prime customers, particularly for items that are not readily available in their nearest Amazon fulfilment center. Given the high demand in cities including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Delhi, we have added dedicated aircraft for these specific regions.

This is an abridged version of the interview that was published in the February 2023 edition of the Logistics Insider magazine. To read the full interview, click here.

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