Allcargo subsidiary partners with ShipBob to help Indian e-commerce players widen their reach

ECU Worldwide, Allcargo Logistics’ wholly-owned global subsidiary and leader in LCL consolidation, has partnered with ShipBob, a leading global supply chain and fulfilment platform for small and medium-sized business and mid-market e-commerce merchants. As per the agreement, ECU Worldwide will offer its ocean and air freight services to ShipBob’s receiving hubs and fulfillment centres in the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia allowing for a more streamlined inbound flow of inventory from their suppliers and the opportunity for their clients to have complete end-to-end distribution.  ECU has facilitated ShipBob’s clients in exporting segments of their primary inventory from the US to ShipBob’s facilities in other countries.

As per the association with ShipBob, ECU Worldwide will become an integral part of FreightBob, an end-to-end managed freight and inventory distribution program of ShipBob. ECU Worldwide will bring in its vast network spread over 180 countries, more than 2,400 direct trade lanes and door-to-door deliveries Giving Shipbob the speed and agility to manage ecommerce inventory for its merchants in over 50 markets, as a part of its LCL offering. This will benefit ShipBob in speed and agility to manage ecommerce inventory for their merchants.

Commenting on the association, Niels Bach Nielsen Regional Head- USA and Canada ECU Worldwide said, “We are thrilled to partner with ShipBob, a global eCommerce enabler and look forward to working with them.  Our new-age tech-driven booking platform ECU360 has redefined the global supply chain efficiency with convenient features, continued product innovation and world-wide network. The association with ShipBob will help us further deepen our delivery capabilities across regions.  We look forward to helping their clients do business globally.”

Melissa Nick, Supply Chain Officer, ShipBob said, “We are excited to join hands with ECU Worldwide to enhance our freight offerings to our merchants. ECU Worldwide is one of the leading players in the global logistics domain and the association will further boost our freight transportation capabilities, unlocking new us.”

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