Aligarh to become a logistics and transport hub: Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh Chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday expressed his optimistic outlook towards Aligarh- the ‘lock city’ becoming a well-known manufacturer of defence equipment.

Stating that Aligarh is on the track to becoming a logistics and transport hub, the UP CM said that the state government plans to increase the value of Firozabad glass exports from ₹1,000 crore to ₹5,000 crore in the future.

 Yogi Adityanath was addressing “Prabuddhjan Sammellans” (meetings of intellectuals) in Aligarh and Firozabad. The CM laid the foundation stone for 88 development projects worth Rs 86.55 crore and inaugurated government schemes worth ₹96.55 crore in Aligarh and ₹269 crore in Firozabad.

During his address, Yogi said, “I am here to appeal to intellectuals. They have seen the huge development by double engine regime. Success in local bodies’ election will certainly ensure enhancement of infrastructure development. With the Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh University coming up in Aligarh, a course on defence studies will be introduced. There is also a need for a hardware skill development centre in Aligarh, also known as the lock city.

“Once the Jewar International Airport becomes fully functional, Aligarh will become a hub for logistics and transport. The district was lucky to have personalities like Babu Kalyan Singh and Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh and now developing Aligarh as a “smart city” will realise their dreams,” Yogi Adityanath said.

Furthermore, the chief minister said that a transport city was being established in Aligarh and the defence manufacturing corridor was being established here. “This will enable the entrepreneurs in taking their hardware products to the global level.

The new Uttar Pradesh which is seeing massive infrastructure development also has the biggest expressway (Ganga Expressway) also passing through the state.

CM Yogi Adityanath pointed that Uttar Pradesh is moving on a new path of growth. He said it has changed to keep pace with changing India in the last eight years under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Minister who moved to Firozabad district later in day highlighted the need to promote attractive packaging along with design to increase exports of glass bangles and items, which have already got global recognition.

“Whenever I have to gift something to a foreign guest, I often order something from Firozabad,” the chief minister said adding that “Despite being traditionally famous for its glass products and potato, Firozabad became a victim of politics and was forgotten with the passage of time, but the double engine government is committed to reviving its traditional industries.”

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