AISATS to design, build, finance and operate an integrated multi-modal cargo hub at Noida International Airport

AISATS, a joint venture company of SATS’ with Air India, has been selected by Yamuna International Airport Private Limited to design, build, finance and operate an integrated multi-modal cargo hub at the upcoming Noida International Airport in Jewar, Uttar Pradesh.

To be the first of its kind in the country, the five-tier multi-modal cargo hub will comprise an Integrated Cargo Terminal (ICT) and an integrated warehousing and logistics zone (IWLZ) built over 87 acres of land, with concessions spanning up to 20 years and 37 years respectively.

“The multi-modal cargo hub will include integrated facilities with airside access for general cargo, e-commerce, temperature-controlled goods for perishables and pharmaceuticals, and express courier shipments,” says SATS in its Feb 13 statement.

“It will also provide trucking facilities to support road-to-road, road-to-air, and air-to-road movements. This integrated multi-modal infrastructure will facilitate seamless and best-in-class cargo experience for all stakeholders, and enhance the efficiency of the region’s supply chain,” it adds.

AISATS says it expects to finalise and conclude the terms of the concession agreement with Yamuna International in the coming weeks, although there is no certainty that a concession agreement will be signed, says SATS.

The new airport, Noida International, will be positioned as the gateway to the rapidly growing North India region. Once completed in 2024, the airport will be the National Capital Region’s second major international airport.

Western Uttar Pradesh and the National Capital Region host multiple large industrial clusters of textiles, electronics, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals and perishables.

“We are excited to partner with Noida International Airport to build a state-of-the-art, modern, and efficient cargo infrastructure, by making the best use of technology. India is envisioned to become the next logistics hub for the world, and the government is taking necessary measures to make logistics more efficient and globally competitive,”

Sanjay Gupta, CEO of AISATS

“We are aiming to develop world-class infrastructure to deliver a seamless, best-in-class cargo experience for all stakeholders. Catering to a large catchment area with a huge growth owing to multi-modal connectivity, we are certain that this multi-modal cargo hub will truly become the gateway to North India,” he adds.

“India is an important market in SATS’ twin-engine growth strategy, and our partner in India, the Tata Group, has a significant presence in Uttar Pradesh in various businesses. Through our partnership in AISATS, we hope to strengthen our collaboration in India and leverage SATS’ capability in air cargo hub handling to unlock the huge potential in Uttar Pradesh to support India’s economic growth,”

Bob Chi, CEO of SATS Gateway Services.

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