Airbus aims for 800 aircraft deliveries in 2024 despite ongoing supply chain issues

Airbus remains optimistic about its aircraft deliveries in 2024 despite ongoing supply chain challenges. The company reported positive results for its commercial aircraft business in its latest annual earnings report, aiming for 800 commercial aircraft deliveries in 2024, an increase of 65 compared to 2023.

Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury said, “We progressed on our production ramp-up against a backdrop of an operating environment that remains complex and affected by supply chain challenges and geopolitical conflicts so at the end that’s quite an achievement in my view.”

 In contrast, Airbus’s U.S. rival Boeing is grappling with manufacturing quality control concerns following an incident where an emergency door panel detached from a 737 Max 9 jetliner last month.

Faury addressed potential shifts in airline preferences, stating that Airbus, with a substantial order backlog for its A320 narrow-body jets, may not experience an immediate impact. He emphasized the company’s focus on existing customer orders, stating that it is independent of external developments in the industry.

While Faury acknowledged the broader industry’s challenges, he highlighted that Airbus is concentrating on its order backlog with existing customers. The CEO noted that new airplane orders won’t be available until the next decade, impacting the long-term competitive positioning of the two companies rather than the short term.

In terms of financial performance, Airbus reported a 4% increase in adjusted earnings before interest and tax, reaching 5.8 billion euros ($6.2 billion), with an 11% growth in revenue. The company also outlined plans to pay shareholders a special dividend on top of the regular dividend, citing growth prospects and a robust balance sheet, including a 14% rise in its cash pile to 10.7 billion euros.

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