Air Freight movement from India up by 6.1% from 2021 and 8.8% from Q1 FY21

According to the latest data published by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) for July 2022, the air traffic for freight increased from 259,168 MT in July 2021 to 275,032 MT in July 2022, exhibiting an increase of 6%. For Q1 2022, the freight movement increased 8.8% from 997,711 MT (Q1 FY 2021) to 1,085,700 MT.

While international freight decreased from 161,901 in July 2021 to 159,517 in July 2022, the total international freight movement also decreased by 1.6% in Q1 FY22 in comparison to Q1 FY21. On the other hand, domestic freight movement increased by 18.8% Y-o-Y in July 2022 and 28.3% from Q1 FY21 to Q1 FY22. Overall, the fluctuations resulted in an increase of 6.1% for July 2022 and 8.8% for Q1 FY22, in comparison to last year.

The Southern region contributed the most to international as well as domestic freight movement in July 2022 and Q1 FY22. The 70 domestic airports logged the maximum gains in the April-July period (62%) at 11,663 MT. Joint venture international airports reported mixed volumes in July as well as April-July period.

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