Special Coverage: Concluding day of 45th Annual ACAAI Convention takes sessions beyond business talks

The third and concluding day of the 45th Annual Convention of Air Cargo Agents Association of India (ACAAI) being held in Phuket witnessed talks which were beyond usual business and more close to one’s emotions.

The first and only session of the day was chaired by Yashpal Sharma, Managing Director, Skyways Group and had a diverse group of panelist on the stage. Renowned life coach Dr Amit Mukherjee took the audience back to their memory lane and get them filled their life’s balance sheet.

Dr Mukherjee advised all the present dignitaries to keep figures balanced in their life’s balance sheet and explained the importance of ‘Alp-viram’ (short break) from the hectic work life to the audience.

Going further, Dr Mita Dixit, Co-founder & Director, Family Business Advisor talked in detail about challenges involved in the Succession Planning of Family Businesses. Dr Mita presented interesting statistics of family managed businesses which able to pass the baton to their next generation.

According to Dr Mita’s research, out of 100 companies, only 33% are able to survive till their second generation, 13% till the third generation and only 3% companies are able to survive till its fourth generation in the business.            

On succession planning, she noted, “Professionalism and Passion go hand in hand when thinking about succession.”

Mr Yashpal Sharma concluded the session by making his remark on succession planning, “We should do branding of our business really well in front of our children so that they become interested to carry the baton forward.”

Towards the end of the session, Sunil Arora, President, ACAAI felicitated Anil Vazirani, Chairman, Convention 2019 for his tireless efforts to make the 45th convention a huge success. Vipin Vohra, Chairman, Continental Group; Shashi Kanchan, Owner, Penta Freight; Yashpal Sharma, MD, Skyways Group; Mr Ashish Asaf, MD, SA Forwarders; Mr Afzal Malbarwala, MD, Galaxy Freight were facilitated for their sincere and constant support to ACAAI.

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