Ahead of festive season, Gati-KWE doubles capacity to handle volume surge


The upcoming festive season is being considered as the carrier of hope for all businesses across the world after a standstill caused due to COVID. Companies are preparing in order to cater to the anticipated surge in demand and set new benchmarks of profitability.

In light of the same, express logistics firm Gati-KWE is also doubling its capacity to cater to the enhanced demand during the festive season, which is expected to drive its volume growth by 50% despite the COVID-19 pandemic, a top company executive has informed the media.

Furthermore, the company is also building and hiring capacity with added trucks, to leverage its varied offerings and cater to customers’ diverse requirements.

According to the company, brands across different industry sectors along with e-commerce marketplaces and players are gearing up for the festive season, as they expect to make huge profits. They are aggressively promoting various offers to drive sales, which are expected to significantly drive logistics volumes and demand in the festive season.

“We are further augmenting our express logistics capacity by two-folds for the upcoming festive season,” Bala Aghoramurthy, Deputy Managing Director, Gati-KWE Ltd had told PTI.

He said while the company is preparing for the expected growth volume, it is also giving utmost attention to COVID-19 care and safety across its stakeholders.

Gati-KWE is actively building and hiring capacity with added trucks, to leverage its varied offerings and cater to customers’ diverse requirements, and has revamped its express distribution, warehousing, and supply chain management services to cater to the upcoming festive season demand, said the company.

“Our decision to expand resources and service bandwidth by hiring additional trucks is a consequence of our experience and understanding of the market underlined by our commitment to efficiently accommodate the increased and dynamic demands of our customers during this period,” Aghoramurthy was quoted as saying.

Despite the lack of cash flow due to COVID, the customers’ sentiments are expected to improve during this festive season. People are willing to spend on items such as clothes, consumer durables and accessories.

Through Gati AIR, Express Plus Service, and Express Service, Gati-KWE Express offers services for parcels, freight and special cargo movement. The company has rolled out multi-level warehousing solutions with inventory optimization, risk management, and contingency strategies, sales and operations planning, demand repository, and POS data adoption.

In light of the same, e-commerce players such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal are also expanding their reach and aggressively investing in warehouses and distribution centres.  

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