Ahead of festive season, Amazon India adds 5 new sortation centres

Amazon India Sortation Centres

In light of the upcoming festive season, the e-commerce giant Amazon India recently announced that it is adding five new sortation centres and expanding similar existing facilities in the country to strengthen its capacity. Amazon India expects a hype in the demand as they approach the festive season which goes up until Christmas.

As per the company, it will launch the five new sortation centres in cities across India which includes Visakhapatnam, Farukhnagar, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Earlier in July, Amazon India announced the expansion of its warehousing network by adding 10 new fulfilment centres.

Further, Amazon India is also looking to expand eight existing sortation centres to increase its overall sortation area to more than 2.2 million square feet, across 19 states.

At sortation centres, associates sort customer orders by final destination and consolidate them onto trucks for faster delivery.

“With this expansion, Amazon India will strengthen its delivery speed and connectivity for customers and sellers, ahead of the festive season,” the company said.

The sortation centres which are a key element of Amazon’s logistics network, leverage technology and automation to increase the speed of transporting packages for customers and sellers in the country.

“By expanding and investing in the sortation centre network, we are positioned to ensure continued customer and seller delight, ahead of the upcoming festive season. This expansion will create hundreds of opportunities for individuals and ancillary industries especially during this time when economic growth is a priority for the country.”

~ Abhinav Singh, Director, Amazon India (Amazon Transportation Services)

The e-commerce companies see an abnormal surge in demand during the festive season and are thus making investments ahead of time to ramp up capacity to be able to handle the spike. E-commerce players are also resorting to leasing temporary spaces across the nation to handle abnormal demand.

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