Adani Airports leverages air cargo handling system GALAXY for efficient operations

Kale Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Kale), recently announced that Adani Airports has implemented its Airport Cargo Handling System – GALAXY in multiple locations where it won the mandate to modernize and operate various airports across India.

The Adani Group which forayed into the airports sector in 2019, won the mandate to modernize and operate six Indian airports – Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Mangaluru, Jaipur, Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram. The company is now eyeing to acquire the majority stake in the Mumbai International Airport Limited and is in its final stages. This acquisition will make the Adani Group the largest operator in terms of the number of airports managed with a combined capacity of catering to approximately 75 million passengers per annum (MPAs).

With the implementation of the cloud-based Cargo Handling System, the Adani Airports will be able to leverage technology to transform cargo handling to take it to the next level.

After being hit by the pandemic, the air cargo sector was struggling to keep its operations smooth and efficient. Now, as we are moving ahead, the rise in e-commerce is also stressing the need to improve the air cargo operations with seamless shipment-tracking technology, to better monitor and secure the flow of global trade.

Implementation of the cargo handling system GALAXY will help cover comprehensive operations for import, export and transit. It will enable users to experience complete automation, clear visibility, control, collaboration, and seamless integration within the stakeholder network. It is used at 80+ airports in the USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India.

It’s a privilege to partner with the sought-after global conglomerate like Adani. GALAXY today digitizes more than 80% of India’s air cargo and over 80 cargo terminals globally. This project was a challenging one with the system to be implemented across two airports within 2 months. Kudos to the Adani team and Kale team for making this happen.”

~ Amar More, CEO of Kale Logistics Solutions

Further adding, he said, “Handlers and airports are investing in IT infrastructure automation to enhance customer experience, build operational resilience and reapportion talent from routine support tasks to higher value activities around transformation and innovation. GALAXY is the perfect fit for this requirement. It leverages technology and cloud to create intelligent IT infrastructure, helping enterprises strengthen the digital core.”

Courtesy: Loadstar

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