ACS’s new division targets the niche segment of urgent and critical shipping needs

To cater to the urgent shipment requests, charter firm Air Charter Service (ACS) has launched a new time-critical business to consolidate its various services.

The new ACS Time Critical sub-brand brings together a range of existing services like go-now cargo aircraft charters, onboard courier (OBC), and ‘next flight out’ options, as well as integrated trucking solutions under a single umbrella.

Over the years we have gained a wealth of experience in the time-critical market, starting with go-now chartering, we added onboard couriers, next flight out, and trucking to our résumé. We continued to expand and improve upon our services before realizing that part of our business had evolved into a time-critical services provider. We have completed more than 10,000 OBCs in recent years and added the next flight out service during the pandemic when travel restrictions limited our couriers’ ability to always accompany the packages.”

~ Dan Morgan-Evans, group cargo director at ACS

Morgan-Evans added that the company felt the ACS name no longer reflected its complete time-critical offering.

“Our forwarder and manufacturer clients often require multiple services and a complete door-to-door solution, so bringing these services under the new ACS Time Critical sub-brand means that it is clearer to clients that we have a team specializing in the full range of solutions for the most urgent freight and offer more than just charters.

“Whilst the name helps to clarify what we can offer customers, the structure behind it comes with additional benefits for them.”

Evans explained that for some shipments it is not always automatically clear what the best option for transportation is, so the company is looking to streamline the process and find the fastest and most cost-effective solution for every request.

Air Charter Service’s (ACS) busy cargo arm helped the aircraft charter broker achieve record annual revenues of $1.8bn (£1.3bn).

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