A closer look at the logistics behind India’s G20 preparations

As we are just days away from hosting world leaders in India at the G20 summit, we take a look at India’s preparations and readiness. Join in to see how India is bustling with preparations to ensure a safe and efficient summit environment.

Logistics behind the Summit:

Having hosted 200 G20 meetings in almost 60 locations throughout the country in the past, India has had a remarkable history underscoring its competence in organizing international gatherings of this magnitude. This wealth of experience has played a pivotal role in India’s comprehensive preparations for the forthcoming event.

India’s commitment to providing a secure environment for the G20 Summit comes with logistical adjustments.

To be held in Delhi in a week, India is looking at handling big delegations during the summit. With more than 40 countries and international organizations participating, India is expecting to see at least 30 world leaders and their respective entourages grace the summit. The US President, Mr Joe Biden alone is traveling with more than 700 people.

While it may seem daunting to handle such large delegations, the nation seems well prepared.

To ensure the safety of the event, India is prepared to handle the hospitality, security, and other protocol Arrangements. The logistical team for the G20 summit has been working overtime to meet the requirements and demands of the delegations.

In this respect, Delhi will also temporarily be closed on September 8th, 9th and 10th. Taking precautions, the center has also asked to avoid domestic travel, especially to and from Delhi during this time. The nations look to welcome world leaders smoothly with no incidences. Thus, the citizens are also requested to take a long weekend during the three days and understand that the summit is a national priority.

The leaders from the top economies of the world are going to arrive at different times of the day. There are more than 20 hotels that will be occupied by world leaders and their delegations.

These moves underscore India’s dedication to hosting a secure and incident-free summit.

The Summit

The G20 Summit, scheduled from September 8 to 10, is packed with sessions on both days, focusing on critical global issues. On September 9, there will be two sessions, one before lunch and another afterward, featuring key discussions and deliberations.

The summit which is more than mere discussions offers a unique opportunity for delegates to experience India’s rich cultural heritage and democratic roots. The G20 emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and looks to amplify the voices of the Global South, making “inclusiveness” a guiding principle for this summit. India is keen on ensuring that countries that often lack representation in the G20 have their voices heard.

With meticulous preparations and a deep commitment to inclusivity and security, India is all set to host a memorable and productive G20 Summit. As the world’s attention turns towards New Delhi, anticipation is building for a summit that promises to foster international cooperation and celebrate the diverse cultures and democratic principles that unite the G20 nations. India’s hosting of this summit is not only an opportunity for productive dialogues but also a grand celebration of its cultural heritage and democratic values.

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