3SC Solutions launches new intelligent supply chain planning and execution platform SCAI

Gurugram-based supply chain solutions company 3SC Solutions has announced the launch of SCAI, an intelligent supply chain planning and execution platform that will help businesses better manage the supply chains for their products and services.

This all-inclusive platform helps clients in building synchronous and resilient supply chains and improve efficiency, drive profitability, reduce waste, and operate more sustainably, the company said in its release.

SCAI is an integrated business planning solution that leverages advanced data analytics to combine finance, marketing, sales, and supply chain data to address planning issues and opportunities for enterprises with revenue ranging from $500M to $1B+ in the North American, European, MEA, and APAC regions. The platform is ideal for Heads of Supply Chain, Sustainability Leaders, Chief Supply Chain Officers/Executives, and Heads of Environmental & Social Risk Management in all industry segments. With a globally distributed network of suppliers, plants, distribution centers, customers and channels, and complex global supply chains, SCAI aims to be a one-stop platform for customers looking for sustainable supply chain solutions.

“It is an advanced planning system that uses artificial intelligence & advanced machine learning algorithms and helps businesses make intelligent decisions in end-to-end connected supply networks.”

~ Lalit Das, Founder and CEO, 3SC Solutions

SCAI allows anticipation of future demand and disruptions across inventory, materials, and production processes, by identifying and monitoring interconnected supply network risks. It enables correction of the supply network planning for real-time execution by analyzing both historical and real-time data. 

“SCAI is the latest offering by 3SC Solutions aimed at revolutionizing the supply chain sector for the 21st century. 3SC is exploring the use of modern technologies like AI and machine learning to design smarter supply chain solutions for its customers.”

~ Sarita Das, Co-Founder, 3SC Solutions

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