25 feet tall Hanuman statue shipped from India to the United States

Hanuman Statue

A 25 feet statue of Hindu deity Hanuman was crafted in India and shipped to the United States. The statue was installed on Monday in the city of Hockessin, making it the country’s tallest Hanuman statue.

The towering statue chiselled from a single block of black granite was made in Telangana’s Warangal and travelled from Hyderabad to New York by ship and then by flatbed truck to Delaware, to the state’s largest Hindu temple, back in January.

The total construction and logistics cost of the statue weighing 30,000 kg was a whopping $100,000.

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After the statue arrived a Nagraj Bhattar, a priest from Bangalore who has been with the Hindu Temple of Delaware performed several rituals including purification of the deity followed by a Puja for Devine intervention at a time when Covid derailed so many lives. ‘

“We all believe that with the moorty coming to Delaware, lord Hanuman will bring all the good things like he bought the Sanjeevani. So that was the main central focus for all devotees and the priest,” Bhattar told ANI..

The president of the Hindu Temple of Delaware association, Patibanda Sarma, says the statue was supposed to be celebrated by thousands of devotees. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there weren’t many gatherings of the public during the installation ceremonies, he added.

While thanking the all the workers Sarma said, “It is a big tribute to all the people who handled the idol, we have been very fortunate, I must say whenever we have any contract, whether it is crane operators to lift or concrete operators to install. I am not exaggerating they take more than more care than we do ourselves very careful about handling the statue, and being respectful that’s more important,”

The statue of lord hanuman is the tallest statue of a Hindu god in that country and the second tallest religious statue in the state after Our Lady Queen of Peace statue at Holy Spirit Church in New Castle.

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