1st freighter of Bangladesh Export Air Cargo leaves Delhi Airport from Çelebi Terminal

The Delhi International Airport Ltd. (DIAL) overlooked the departure of the first freighter of Bangladesh Export Air Cargo from Çelebi terminal yesterday at the IGI International Airport. The freighter – a Boeing B747-800 with Atlas Air – has left for its destination in Spain and is carrying 124 MT of cargo. The export cargo, consisting of ready made garments, arrived in New Delhi from Bangladesh on 19th March in a convoy of around 20 trucks. It took around 5 days for the truck to reach Delhi from Bangladesh via road.

On 26 February, the first batch of transshipment cargo from Bangladesh left Dhaka via road to New Delhi and was welcomed by DIAL on 3rd March. This was what can be said a ‘trial’ run for cargo movement from Bangladesh to the European countries, via New Delhi. The line flight for this test shipment left Delhi for Europe on 5th March. This faster, cost effective route of shipping goods internationally from Bangladesh via Delhi was taken under the Maitri Setu Project. The Maitri Setu is a politically and economically significant bridge connecting India and Bangladesh, and was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in March 2021.

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